Tribal Resources Grant Program – Technical Assistance (TRGP-TA)

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The FY23 Tribal Resources Grant Program - Technical Assistance (TRGP-TA) program closed on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 4:59 PM ET.*

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Tribal Resources Grant Program—Technical Assistance (TRGP–TA) funds are used to support tribal law enforcement agencies through training and technical assistance efforts around community policing topics. The 2023 TRGP–TA program will fund projects that develop knowledge, increase awareness of effective community policing strategies, increase the skills and abilities of law enforcement and community partners, increase the number of law enforcement agencies and relevant stakeholders using proven community policing practices, and institutionalize community policing practice in routine business.

This year's program had one open solicitation: “Improving Public Safety and Criminal Justice for Native Americans and Addressing the Crisis of Missing Indigenous People”

The COPS Office will provide funding to an organization that demonstrates well-established experience in developing and delivering direct technical assistance to law enforcement personnel and criminal justice professionals to develop Tribal Community Response Plans (TCRPs) for missing person cases that establish a collaborative response from Tribal Governments, law enforcement, and other partners through culturally appropriate guidelines.

Who is Eligible?

Public Government Agencies

Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and their Public Agencies

For Profit (Commercial) Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Institutions of Higher Education

Community Groups

Faith-Based Organizations

There is one award for up to $300,000 available through the FY 2023 TRGP–TA program.

The award is two years (24 months) in length. There is no local match.

Solicitation Documents

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The COPS Office is committed to advancing work that promotes civil rights and racial equity, increases access to justice, supports crime victims and individuals impacted by the justice system, strengthens community safety and protects the public from crime and evolving threats, and build trust between law enforcement and the community.