Active OA Site: North Miami, FL, Police Department

The COPS Office in conjunction with C.N.A., an Organizational Assessment provider, has agreed to engage with the North Miami Police Department through the Organizational Assessment program, under the Collaborative Reform Initiative Continuum of Technical Assistance Services. One operating principle of the Organizational Assessment program is transparency. This web page is designed to openly communicate the process, progress, and outcomes of our work. The North Miami Police Department is in the city of North Miami, FL. The City of North Miami was incorporated on February 5, 1926. It is a suburban city located in northeast Miami Dade County, Florida. The city is approximately 10 square miles. North Miami operates under a council ¬manager form of government. The North Miami Population is approximately 65,000. The North Miami Police department is comprised of 156 members: 121 sworn and 35 professional staff.

This webpage was updated on 3/27/24.

Focus Areas

Through this engagement, the COPS Office has established the following 6 focus areas in collaboration with DHPD. For each focus area, the objectives are to provide a comprehensive assessment and assist in the planning and implementation of sustainable organizational improvements.

Focus Area 1: Crime Prevention and Analysis

Focus Area 2: Technology

Focus Area 3: Employee Wellness, Training and Development, and Retention

Focus Area 4: Resource Analysis and Strategic Planning

Focus Area 5: Community Engagement

Focus Area 6: Oversight and Accountability


Project Status 

Assessment Underway


Contact Information

Feedback and inquiries on the North Miami Police Department Organizational Assessment can be submitted via email to CRIOA+NorthMiami@cna.org. Please use the subject line “North Miami Police Department OA.”