Training & Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance: The COPS Office provides assistance to law enforcement agencies looking for ways to implement the principles of community policing. Some agencies may be looking for best practices or peer-to-peer advice in dealing with a specific issue, while others may be looking for a more comprehensive, hands-on engagement process through collaborative reform technical assistance.

The COPS Office partners with law enforcement executives to assess agency needs and tailor an effective technical assistance approach.

Training: The COPS Office defines training as the teaching and learning activities carried out for the primary purpose of helping members of an organization acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed by a particular job or organization. Training is driven by specific goals and objectives; it is not a single event but rather an ongoing process that requires continuous self-reflection and evaluation.



An initiative through the Department of Justice that delivers targeted technical assistance directly to local law enforcement based on their identified needs and requests.


COPS Office Training

The COPS Office recognizes that training is critical in advancing the capacity for law enforcement agencies and communities to practice effectively the tenets of community policing. The COPS Office delivers in-person training and hosts online training through various training providers and also provides resources on developing and delivering COPS Office training.

Training Portal

The COPS Office online and in-person trainings can be found on the COPS Office Training Portal. The Training Portal is a convenient way for law enforcement professionals and community partners to access interactive online training in emerging public safety topics, as well as serves as a gateway to a variety of community policing resources at no cost.