Preparing for Active Shooter Situations (PASS) Program


The COPS Office has extended the application deadline for FY20 Preparing for Active Shooter Situations (PASS) program from March 31, 2020 to April 14, 2020 at 7:59 p.m. EDT.

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Preparing for Active Shooter Situations (PASS) funds are used to increase law enforcement and public safety by providing funds for scenario-based training that prepares officers and other first responders to safely and effectively handle active-shooter and other violent threats. The 2020 PASS program will fund projects that will provide training to meet the goal of the 2016 Protecting Our Lives by Initiating COPS Expansion (POLICE) Act in offering “scenario-based, integrated response courses designed to counter active shooter threats or acts of terrorism against individuals or facilities.”

The 2020 PASS program is open to all public governmental agencies, federally recognized Indian tribes, for-profit (commercial) organizations, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, community groups, and faith-based organizations.

There is up to $8.6 million in funding available through the FY 2020 PASS program. Each award is two years (24 months) in length. There is no local match.

COPS Office Preparing for Active Shooter Situations (PASS) Program Topic

The 2020 PASS program will fund an applicant to train at least 20,000 first responders through scenario-based, multidisciplinary training classes.

Detailed description of the PASS program is available in the application guide.


  1. First you are required to register via and complete an SF-424 under the “COPS-PREPARING-FOR-ACTIVE-SHOOTER-SITUATIONS-2020” funding opportunity.*
  2. After submitting the SF-424, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the second part of the PASS application through the COPS Office Online Application System.
  3. Log into the COPS Office Agency Portal to ensure the your agency’s current Law Enforcement (LE)/Agency Executive and Government Executive (GE)/Financial are listed as Users and their appropriate Roles are selected. This is important as the COPS Office Agency Portal information will be used to populate your application. If you have forgotten your password to the COPS Office Agency Portal, Reset Your Password. If your agency has not registered with the COPS Office and you are the administrative contact for your agency, Register Your Agency with the COPS Office. If you have changes in executives or officials and cannot make updates in Agency Portal, please complete the Change of Information Form and submit it to the COPS Office Response Center at
  4. Once your agency’s information is current in the COPS Office Agency Portal, while in the COPS Office Agency Portal Menu, click on the “Applications” button and then select the applicable system icon to complete your application.
  5. Complete application packages by April 14, 2020, at 7:59 p.m. EDT. Before submitting your application, please review the PASS Application Guide and the PASS Application Checklist to ensure your application is complete.

*Please note: Agency Registration requires your agency’s ORI; if you do not have it, you may Request Your ORI. To apply for any federal funding, applicants must have a DUNS number and have an active registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) database. Applicants must update or renew their SAM registration annually to maintain an active status.


  • Application Guide
    This application guide includes general information on the administrative and legal requirements governing the COPS Office PASS program as well as detailed program-specific information.
  • Application Checklist
    Use this document to ensure all required elements of your application are included and completed correctly.
  • User Guide
    This user guide is a summary of the application guide and should be used as a quick reference guide to applying for the program
  • Fact Sheet
    This fact sheet provides quick reference information on the PASS program.
  • Change of Information Form and Instructions
    This change of information form may be used to make any changes or corrections to the law enforcement and/or government executives in the COPS Office Agency Portal system.
  • Agency Portal User Manual
    This user manual contains step-by-step guidelines for setting up new users, e-signatures, and various processes in the COPS Office Agency Portal system.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions? Please contact the COPS Office Response Center at or 800-421-6770.

  • Collapse FAQ’s

For Additional Assistance
For technical assistance with submitting the SF-424, please call the customer service hotline at 800-518-4726, send questions via email to, or consult the Organization Applicant User Guide at The Support Hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except on federal holidays.

COPS Agency Portal Account
The COPS Office Agency Portal, located at, is where we manage your organization’s contacts. For new contacts you will need to set-up an account as a user, assign them the appropriate role (law enforcement executive (LE)/program official (PO), government executive (GE)/ financial official (FO), or contact and enable their electronic signature or reset your password.

Detailed instructions on how to manage your contacts are included in the Agency Portal User Manual located on the COPS Office website at You may also use the change of information form and provide to the COPS Office Response Center via email at or fax to 202-616-8594.

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number
To verify your DUNS number, please call 866­-705-5711 or visit

Programmatic Assistance
For programmatic assistance with the requirements of this program or with submitting the application through the COPS Office Online Application System, please call the COPS Office Response Center at 800-421-6770 or send questions via email to The COPS Office Response Center operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, except on federal holidays.

System for Award Management (SAM) database
Information about registration procedures can be accessed at