Labor trafficking is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services and affects persons of all ages, races, genders, and nationalities. Labor traffickers often prey on those with vulnerable life circumstances and economic hardships. Labor trafficking victims can be found in legal and illegal labor industries, as well as hidden behind closed doors and in plain view.  

Labor Trafficking Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources for law enforcement, businesses, communities, and other stakeholders to identify, respond to, and address labor trafficking and to support its victims and survivors.

What Is Labor Trafficking? Investigating Labor Trafficking: Determining Jurisdiction and Interview Questions
Labor Trafficking: Hidden in Plain Sight Investigating Labor Trafficking in Tribal Communities
Combating Labor Trafficking Fact Sheet for Law Enforcement Indicators of Labor Trafficking for Patrol
Fact Sheet for Businesses and Communities Combating Labor Trafficking Indicators of Labor Trafficking: Food and Beverage Industry
Ten Things Law Enforcement Executives Need to Know about Labor Trafficking Indicators of Labor Trafficking: Hospitality Industry
Implementing a Victim-Centered, Trauma-Informed Approach to Address Labor Trafficking for Law Enforcement Executives Indicators of Labor Trafficking: Law Enforcement Dispatch
Checklist for Prosecutors and Investigators: Securing Labor Trafficking Convictions Indicators of Labor Trafficking: School Personnel
Interviewing Labor Trafficking Victims: Victim-Centered Considerations for Law Enforcement Investigators Indicators of Labor Trafficking: Transportation and Delivery
Working with Interpreters: Considerations for Law Enforcement Investigators Life Cycle of Labor Trafficking


Using Multidisciplinary Victim-Centered Techniques to Investigate Labor Trafficking
Webinar Recording Date: 10/24/19
Partnerships to Address Labor Trafficking: How to Build a Multidisciplinary Team
Webinar Recording Date: 2/20/20
Prosecuting Labor Trafficking: Case Studies
Webinar Recording Date: 4/01/20
Life Cycle of a Labor Trafficking Case
Webinar Recording Date: 6/03/20