Community policing calls for comprehensive approaches to the problems of drug abuse and drug-related crime. Trafficking and abusing illicit drugs destroy neighborhoods, contribute to violence and victimization, and often ruin the lives of drug users and their families. COPS Office resources offer a holistic community policing approach to combating drug crime problems.

Below Ten: Combating Drugs, Guns, and Human Trafficking at the U.S. Southwest Border
The Below Ten project focused on three cities located on or below Interstate 10 - (1) Nogales, Arizona; (2) Pharr, Texas; and (3) San Diego, California - and their efforts to respond to a wide range of problems related to guns, drugs, and human trafficking. A key component of the project was the series of summits held to develop stakeholder-led plans to respond to the wide range of humanitarian, commercial, and enforcement issues
Perceptions of Methamphetamine in Indian Country: Interviews with Service Providers in Ten Western Tribes
Native American tribes across the United States have experienced many adverse effects from the distribution, trafficking, and use of methamphetamines and other dangerous drugs
Building Successful Partnerships Between Law Enforcement and Public Health Agencies to Address Opioid Use
Identifies the most effective approaches to combating the incidence of opioid and heroin addiction as outlined during the COPS Office hosted forum: Law Enforcement and Public Health: Successful Partnerships in Addressing Opioid Use
Break the Cycle: Methamphetamine and Community-Oriented Policing in Indian Country
Addresses the importance of tradition and culture in prevention and treatment, identifies best practices in Indian country, and provides a series of recommendations
Crime Prevention Research Review No. 11: Drug Courts' Effect on Criminal Offending for Juveniles and Adults
Evaluates effectiveness of drug courts in reducing future offending and drug use
Drug Market Intervention: An Implementation Guide
Provides practical information to successfully execute Drug Market Intervention (DMI)
Drug Endangered Children: Guide for Law Enforcement
Offers law enforcement professionals practical information on how to develop an effective collaborative response to the complicated issue of drug endangered children
Prescription Drug Fraud and Misuse, 2nd Edition
Provides an overview of the problem of prescription drug fraud and misuse, reviews risk factors, identifies questions to help analyze the problem, and summarizes responses from evaluative research and police practice
High Point Drug Market Intervention Strategy
Provides an overview of the High Point (North Carolina) Police Department's new drug strategy that succeeded in eliminating the city's most notorious drug markets in a little over 3 years
Drug-Impaired Driving
Provides an overview of the problem of drug-impaired driving, reviews risk factors, identifies questions to help analyze the problem, and summarizes responses from evaluative research and police practice


The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
Provides multidisciplinary training for communities interested in starting or expanding drug endangered children programs and supports a national network of professionals by providing referrals to experts and by sharing research and best practices


The National Institute on Drug Abuse
Information for students, parents, teachers, professionals, and researchers on drug use and abuse

Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
The Office of National Drug Control Policy works to reduce drug use and its consequences by leading and coordinating the development, implementation, and assessment of U.S. drug policy