Important: Revised Guidance Impacting Your DOJ COPS Grant Award

Consistent with an April 14, 2021 Attorney General memorandum, the Department of Justice has revised its guidance regarding conditions on COPS grants as described here.

The COPS Office will no longer apply or enforce the following conditions to existing or future grants:

  • Conditions related to 8 U.S.C. § 1373
  • 287(g) Partnership with the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Access and Notice Consideration (“Certification of Illegal Immigration Cooperation”)

The list of impacted COPS Office programs include:

  • FY17 and FY20 COPS Hiring Program (CHP)
  • FY17 – FY20 COPS Anti-Methamphetamine Program (CAMP)
  • FY17 – FY20 COPS Anti-Heroin Task Force (AHTF) Program
  • FY17 – FY20 Preparing for Active Shooter Situations (PASS) Program
  • FY17 – FY20 Community Policing Development (CPD) Program including Microgrants

The COPS Office will not modify the terms and conditions of any existing award document, but this document serves as notice that the COPS Office will not apply or enforce the conditions identified above. Recipients need not take any action to effectuate this change, but are still required to comply with all other requirements of their award.