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The COPS Office in conjunction with C.N.A., an Organizational Assessment provider, has agreed to engage with the Dearborn Heights Police Department (DHPD) through the Organizational Assessment program, under the Collaborative Reform Initiative Continuum of Technical Assistance Services. One operating principle of the Organizational Assessment program is transparency. This web page is designed to openly communicate the process, progress, and outcomes of our work.

This webpage was updated on 10/26/23.

Focus Areas

Through this engagement, the COPS Office has established the following 6 focus areas in collaboration with DHPD. For each focus area, the objectives are to provide a comprehensive assessment and assist in the planning and implementation of sustainable organizational improvements.

Focus Area 1: Community engagement and problem solving strategies

Focus Area 2: Accountability and oversight systems

Focus Area 3: Recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices

Focus Area 4: Employee safety and wellness

Focus Area 5: Organizational learning and data-informed practices

Focus Area 6: Internal and external communications


Project Status

The table below will be updated on a quarterly basis. The next scheduled update is December 2023.

Table 1. Status of DHPD recommendations

Complete 0 0
Partially Complete 0 0
In Progress 10 71
Not Started 4 29
Total   14 100

Table 2. Recommendation status definitions

Complete The recommendation has been sufficiently demonstrated to be complete based on the assessment team’s review of submitted materials, observations, and analysis. Ongoing review throughout the engagement will determine whether the recommendation is being sustained and institutionalized within the department.
Partially Complete The assessment team has determined that additional effort is needed to complete the recommendation. The agency has decided to not pursue additional efforts towards completion.
In Progress Implementation of the recommendation is currently in progress based on the assessment team’s review of submitted materials, observations, and analysis.
Not Started The agency has not sufficiently demonstrated progress towards implementation of the recommendation.


Contact Information

Feedback and inquiries on the Dearborn Heights Police Department Organizational Assessment can be submitted via email to Please use the subject line “Dearborn Heights Police Department OA.”