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photo of coming soon signAs our readers are well aware, recent budget crunches have had far-reaching effects on everything from hiring new officers to buying office supplies. We at the COPS Office have not been immune from these tough times, which is why you haven't seen any new printed products from us in a while. We have, however, been busy working on some exciting new products, which we posted to the Resource Center for download, that are sure to keep you in the know about the latest community policing topics.

The Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Communications Interoperability: A Guide for Interagency Communications Projects is an update of the original 2006 printing and is a comprehensive, user-friendly guidebook that provides strategies, best practices, and recommendations for public safety agencies that are seeking to develop or are already engaged in interagency communications projects.

We also have two upcoming publications that explore the topic of hate crimes. The first one is Building Stronger, Safer Communities: A Guide for Law Enforcement and Community Partners to Prevent and Respond to Hate Crimes, and will offer leadership strategies and actionable tactics to help law enforcement agencies work with community partners. The other, the Hate Crimes POP Guide, will provide a series of questions to help police analyze local hate crime problems and will review what is known about responses to the problem from evaluative research and police practice.

Another POP Guide, Understanding Theft of “Hot Products,” will explain what products are especially attractive to thieves and why; how police and analysts can better understand their local theft problems; and how ‘hot products' can be better protected from theft. Lastly, the Intelligence Analysis Manual, also from the POP Center, will fuse aspects of intelligence analysis with Problem-Oriented Policing to help solve problems and reduce crime.

We are constantly producing new resources, so be sure to keep checking our Resource Center for these and other upcoming COPS products.

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