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November 2018 | Volume 11 | Issue 11

Las Vegas, Nevada police officers are accustomed to working in dynamic environments, which sometimes include the glamour of the Vegas Strip. We train and prepare for types of scenarios that most would never consider, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of millions of tourists who visit our city every year. On most shifts however, we simply execute the fundamentals of finding and doing good police work. Seasoned officers in our organization pride ourselves on having sharp problem-solving skills, discretion to deploy as necessary, and a willingness to be accountable for our actions. We go find work. We do our job.

On October 1, 2017, a lone gunman fired into a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers attending a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring more than 850. Officers Jeremiah Beason, Monty Fetherston, Steve Morris, Jr., and I were among the first to respond to this tragedy. We moved to action.

Nearly every officer present or who responded to the tragic event on October 1, 2017, did their job as they had been trained. Most performed exceptionally well despite fear and uncertainty. Some officers under the raining bullets assisted the shocked, rescued the injured, and cared for the dead. They deserve honor for what they gave to others that night, and our grace for the burdens they took away to carry for the rest of their days. One officer lost his life courageously doing his job despite being among the targets. He is a heroic warrior gone too soon. Many others protected our community partners caring for the innocent and secured their posts with watchful eyes.

Some of us led teams and deployed, running toward the source, wanting nothing more than to stop the evil. No better, faster, straighter route was available to stop a murderer with his own deadline. In the end, others tasked with cleaning up and finding answers served the quest better. We set our intent to find work: unexceptional, fundamental, worthy work. We did our jobs. For that, I am humbly accountable.

Patrick C. Burke, Police Officer
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Edited by Nazmia Comrie, Senior Program Specialist
COPS Office

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