2014 CPD Program Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks the COPS Office will be announcing the solicitation of applications for the 2014 Community Policing Development (CPD) program. The CPD program supports innovative community policing strategies, applied research, guidebooks, and the promotion of best practices designed to be national in scope. In 2013, the program funded projects related to a number of public safety topic areas, and a variety of topic areas can again be expected for 2014.

The COPS Office will continue to invest in practitioner-driven innovative projects and initiatives through our Micro-Grants for Law Enforcement Initiative. As discussed in another Community Policing Dispatch feature, this funding is intended to support practitioner-driven innovations to inform the national practice of community policing. The awards are made directly to law enforcement agencies to implement demonstration or pilot projects that offer creative ideas to build community engagement within their jurisdictions.

Micro-grantsWhile these Micro-Grant projects are smaller in nature, we expect to expand the scope of each award for FY2014, allowing for greater benefits and the flexibility of chosen law enforcement agencies to implement innovative initiatives that they would otherwise not have had the resources to undertake.

If your organization or agency is interested in knowing when these solicitations are announced, keep a close watch on the COPS Office website or sign up to receive e-mail updates on all COPS Office funding opportunities as soon as they are released.

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