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The definition of motto is: a sentence, phrase, or word expressing the spirit or purpose of a person, organization, city, etc., and often inscribed on a badge, banner, etc. Perhaps the most well-known motto in law enforcement is the Los Angeles Police Department’s “To Protect and to Serve.” Many agencies have mottos that are variations on that theme, such as the Minneapolis Police Department’s “To Protect with Courage, To Serve with Compassion,” and the Hawaii County Police Department’s “Serving and Protecting with Aloha.” But did you know that there are other mottos that, much like the Marine Corps, consist of foreign words and phrases?

Here are some examples:

photo of law enforcement mottos on a banner

Maine State Police: Semper Aequus (Latin: Always Just)

New York Police Department: Fidelis ad Mortem (Latin: Faithful Unto Death)

San Francisco Police Department: Oro en Paz/Hierro en Guerra (Spanish: Gold in Peace, Iron in War)

Metropolitan (DC) Police Department: Justitia Omnibus (Latin: Justice to/for all)

Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department: Gardez Bien (French: Guard Well)

Annapolis (Maryland) Police Department: Justitia Crescam (Latin: Justice Grow)

Prince George's County (Maryland) Police Department: Semper Eadem (Latin: Always the same)

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