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Youth Firearms Violence Initiative

The Youth Firearms Violence Initiative (YFVI) was designed to help law enforcement agencies develop programs and strategies to combat firearm violence by youths.

In 1995, the COPS Office provided funding to ten police departments across the nation to support targeted, focused enforcement efforts to combat the rise of youth firearm violence. YFVI encouraged selected jurisdictions to employ community policing approaches to develop or enhance programs designed to:

The tactics developed in this program were based on the fundamentals of community policing-problem solving, partnerships, and prevention. Strategies included developing and enhancing partnerships with schools, communities, and probation/parole agencies; using such civil remedies as code enforcement and civil abatement; and using directed patrol and overtime to enforce zero-tolerance laws. Funding was also provided to the ten departments to evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies.

YTVI was announced in September 1995. All grants were for a one-year period, with no-cost extensions granted on a case-by-case basis. A total of $10 million was made available under YFVI, with each site eligible to receive up to $1 million. No local match was required, but each agency was encouraged to contribute an in-kind match.

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