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Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence

In 1996, the Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence initiative was created to provide federal assistance to law enforcement agencies to encourage and strengthen an innovative, progressive focus on domestic violence. In addition to providing funding for officer salaries and computer technology, this program provided funding for local shelters, counseling and medical centers, and advocacy organizations. Applicant agencies were required to develop a detailed Memorandum of Understanding with a local, nonprofit, nongovernmental community service organization to form a working, equal partnership to address the problem of domestic violence in their community.

The program awarded nearly $47 million to 336 agencies. Sixty-five grantees focused on training initiatives to combat domestic violence; 238 focused on the problem-solving model as a way to address domestic violence; and 33 concentrated on implementing organizational change effectively within both a law enforcement department and a nonprofit, community-based organization.

In 1998 and 1999, nearly $25 million in additional funding was offered to targeted sites through the Community Policing to Combat Domestic Violence initiative.

1998 funding included the following:

1999 funding included the following:

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