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 For Immediate Release—August 15, 2002


WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) announced the awarding of $34.8 million in grant funding to 150 tribal police departments in 28 states today.

The grants were awarded through COPS Tribal Resources Grant Program (TRGP), which provides funding to help tribal police departments hire officers, purchase basic equipment, procure crime fighting technology, and secure training & technical assistance. Since 1999, including grants awarded today, the program has provided more than $130 million to law enforcement agencies that serve sovereign Native American communities.

"Throughout the U.S., the demands on all law enforcement agencies are increasing. Tribal law enforcement agencies are no different. They are seeking more effective methods for safeguarding the communities they serve," said COPS Director Carl Peed. "These grants provide much need resources that ultimately translate into more effective law enforcement practices, better community policing, and safer neighborhoods."

The TRGP is part of a broader federal initiative to bolster the capacity of tribal law enforcement agencies. All federally recognized tribes with established police departments are eligible to receive TRGP funding. For additional information about TRGP and other COPS programs, visit the COPS website at, or contact the U. S. Department of Justice Response Center at 800.421.6770.

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