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 U.S. Newswire July 25, 2001 Wednesday

Kansas Police Department Acknowledged in COPS Office Report

WASHINGTON, DC – The innovative partnership that the Leawood Police Department, Kansas developed with their local community is highlighted in a new Justice Department publication on community policing. The partnership was developed to engage the Leawood community to fight residential burglary. Police – community partnerships are a core component of community policing.

A new report entitled, "Problem-Solving Partnerships: Including the Community for a Change," was recently released by the Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. In this publication, seven police agencies – including the Leawood Police Department – were selected from more than 400 agencies across the country. The Justice Department report identifies this successful partnership as a model for other police departments across the nation.

This new publication describes Leawood’s strategy to respond to residential burglary. After a careful analysis of crime data, Leawood police targeted burglaries in five neighborhoods. Through partnerships formed with homeowners associations, officers convened meetings and recruited citizens for a neighborhood watch and a neighborhood alert telephone system. This coordinated strategy has reduced residential burglaries by 43 percent.

Promising law enforcement practices of the top seven model cities are posted on the COPS home page at For more information, please call the COPS office at 202-616-1728.

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