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POST-Net Project

The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is a professional association of all Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) agencies in the United States. Their responsibility for establishing and enforcing law enforcement officer selection and training standards makes these agencies critical to improving the profession and to successfully implementing strategies such as community policing.

IADLEST is active in establishing model minimum standards, educational curricula, and training manuals. Its publications include the Sourcebook, the national Reciprocity Handbook, the highly regarded Driver Training Reference Guide, and the Academy Director's Desk Reference.

A 1998 COPS grant helped IADLEST establish an innovative and comprehensive Internet-based POST information system to deliver a wide variety of services to POST agencies in specific and law enforcement agencies in general. POST-Net, as the system became known, provides both public Internet and private intranet services, integrating state and national resources.

POST-Net has greatly increased information sharing within the national law enforcement community. One of POST-Net's greatest contributions is information sharing in the area of establishment and enforcement of peace officer selection and training standards. This new information sharing capability plays an important role in improving of the quality of law enforcement services in the United States.

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