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Listening Session: Policy & Oversight


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The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing hosted multiple listening sessions to gain broad input and expertise from stakeholders. The information collected in these meetings informed and advised the Task Force in developing recommendations.

The second Listening Session focused on the topic of “Policy and Oversight” and was held on Friday, January 30, 2015 at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH. The meeting was open to the public and seating was on a first-come first-served basis. The Listening Session was filmed and can be watched in its entirety online. Please see information on the listening session's Disability Access.

You can also access the list of witnesses, their biographies and their prepared statements for the January 30, 2015 Listening Session below:

Use of Force Research/Policies:
Geoffrey Alpert bio | submission
Mick McHale bio | submission
Harold Medlock bio | submission
Rashad Robinson bio | submission
Mass Demonstrations:
Christina Brown bio | submission
Garry McCarthy bio | submission
Rodney Monroe bio | submission
Sean Whent bio | submission

Use of Force Investigations/Oversight:
Sim Gill bio
Jay McDonald bio | submission
Kirk Primas bio | submission
Chuck Wexler bio | submission

Law Enforcement Culture and Diversity:
Malik Aziz bio | submission
Hayley Gorenberg bio | submission
Kathy Harrell bio | submission
Barbara O'Connor bio | submission

Civilian Oversight:
Charlie Beck bio | submission
Brian Buchner bio | submission
Darius Charney bio | submission

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