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2011 CHRP Grantee Award Package
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Recipients of COPS grants receive by mail an official congratulatory letter, an Award Document, a Financial Clearance Memo, and instructions on accepting their awards. Additional information about accepting and managing COPS grants and program-specific instructions and resources are included in this on-line award package.

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2011 COPS Hiring Program (CHP)

The COPS Office is pleased to announce the award of 238 FY 2011 COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grants for approximately $240 million. CHP grants are designed to advance public safety through community policing by addressing the full-time sworn officer needs of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies nationwide. CHP provides funds directly to law enforcement agencies to hire new and/or rehire career law enforcement officers, and to increase their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts.

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2011 Community Policing Development (CPD)

The COPS Office is proud to announce awards totaling more than $6 million under the Community Policing Development (CPD) grant program.

This program funds a broad range of projects intended to advance community policing practices by supporting the development of innovative community policing strategies, applied research, guidebooks, and best practices that are national in scope. This year, the program funded projects related to a number of public safety topic areas, including Policing in a New Economy, Ethics and Integrity, Child and Youth Safety, the Role of Community Policing in Homeland Security, and Urban Violence. Additional topics include Basic Community Policing Regional Technical Assistance, Critical Response Technical Assistance, and Core Community Policing Training Curriculum Development.

The Community Policing Development solicitation was open to all public governmental agencies, profit and non-profit institutions, universities, community groups and faith based organizations. Accepted proposals were of national relevance, designed to significantly advance the field of community policing, and demonstrated an understanding of community policing as it pertains to the application topic.

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2011 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS)

In 2011, through the Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), COPS made 106 awards in the amount of $35,413,911 to Tribal communities. Tribes received 86 awards, totaling over $31.6 million to support the hiring and equipment needs of Tribal jurisdictions and 20 awards, totaling over $3.7 million to support methamphetamine initiatives within Indian country. Under the CTAS program, COPS funded the Tribal Resources Grant Program (Purpose Area #1) and Tribal Methamphetamine Initiative (Purpose Area #2).

Purpose Area #1: Improve Public Safety and Enhance Community Policing provides funding to federally recognized Tribal jurisdictions with established law enforcement agencies to expand the implementation of community policing and meet the most serious needs of law enforcement in Tribal communities through a broadened comprehensive program.

Purpose Area #2: Methamphetamine Enforcement provides funding to support Tribal law enforcement agencies participation in the development of comprehensive strategies to combat methamphetamine production, use, and trafficking in Tribal communities.

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2011 Secure Our Schools (SOS)

COPS Secure Our Schools (SOS) grants provide funding to state, local, or tribal governments working in partnership with public schools to improve school safety. Successful programs are based on a comprehensive safety assessment that identifies the individual needs of the schools, and law enforcement agencies receiving funding will collaborate with school administrators, teachers, students, and parents to implement solutions to school safety challenges. By supporting these community policing partnerships, this grant program will help protect children and prevent school violence within their communities.

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2011 Child Sexual Predator Program (CSPP)

The COPS Office is pleased to announce the award of 20 FY 2011 COPS Child Sexual Predator Program (CSPP) grants for approximately $9.3 million. CSPP grants provide funding directly to law enforcement agencies to reduce child endangerment. This funding allows recipients the opportunity to establish and/or enhance strategies to locate, arrest, and prosecute child sexual predators and exploiters and to enforce state sex offender registration laws. CSPP aims to support community policing initiatives throughout the United States by promoting partnerships between law enforcement and other community partners to collectively reduce and prevent child endangerment by sexual predators.

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2011 COPS Hiring Program Announcement Map

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