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COPS Hiring Program (CHP)

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FY 2012 CHP

The COPS Office is pleased to announce the award of 238 FY 2011 COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grants for approximately $240 million. CHP grants are designed to advance public safety through community policing by addressing the full-time sworn officer needs of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies nationwide. CHP provides funds directly to law enforcement agencies to hire new and/or rehire career law enforcement officers, and to increase their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts.


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Grant Owner’s Manual Icon: PDF Document
Accepting Your Grant Award FAQs Icon: PDF Document
FAQs about the Grant Payment System (GPRS) Icon: PDF Document
SF-425 Fact Sheet- Online Filing of FFR (SF-425) Quarterly Federal Reports Icon: PDF Document
FAQs about the Federal Financial Report (SF-425) Icon: PDF Document
Helpful Hints Guide for Completing the Federal Financial Report (SF-425) Icon: PDF Document
Federal Civil Rights Statutes and Regulations Memorandum Icon: PDF Document
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Publication Request Form
Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool (CP-SAT)


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