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Title: Do You Want to Stop Dogfighting? Image of Marley the dog, COPS logo and ASPCA logos

Meet Marley

Marley is a former bait dog, meaning he was used as a lure during fighting dog conditioning training. Marley was dumped at a vet’s office on Christmas Eve 2008, supposedly after being hit by a snow plow. The vets who attended to him recognized that his massive injuriesnot to mention the numerous lesions all over his body and dog teeth marks in his fleshwere all signs of dog fighting injuries. When Animal Control investigated, there were no signs of any snow plows having been anywhere near the rural Canadian area Marley was from. Marley slowly recovered and was eventually adopted by his foster mom. He has since passed his Canine Good Neighbour Test and is also a certified Therapy Dog.  

Here’s where you come in.

Investigate and Respond to Dogfighting in Your Community

Over one thousand dogfighting arrests were made in the United States between 2003–2008. Are you prepared to join the battle and put dogfighters behind bars?

Thanks to the generous support of the US Department of Justice's COPS Office, the ASPCA presents law enforcement and animal welfare professionals with Combating Dogfighting, an in-depth, free online course. Learn how to detect, investigate, and take action against dogfighting within your jurisdiction.

screen shot of short videoPart One, Understanding Dogfighting, contains a comprehensive overview of dogfighting in the United States. Part Two, Investigating and Responding to Dogfighting, contains information and resources to help you properly investigate and strategically respond to dogfighting. The self-paced course, developed by Dr. Randy Lockwood, APSCA Sr. VP Forensic Sciences and Anti-Cruelty Projects, runs less than two hours. Watch a short clip of the course to get a taste of it.  (Warning: contains graphic images of animal cruelty.)

Enroll today at!

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