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COPS Safe Schools Grants

COPS Safe Schools grants help state and local agencies with delinquency prevention, community planning and development, school safety resources, and technology development. This funding helps grantees establish and enhance a variety of school and community safety programs to prevent and respond to juvenile crime within their communities.

In fiscal year 2002, COPS expanded the range of school-centered programs to include Secure Our Schools (SOS). In fiscal year 2007, SOS distributed approximately $14.8 million to help schools in 152 jurisdictions with high-risk areas respond to growing safety concerns. Grantees are required to contribute a local match of 50 percent toward the total cost of the approved grant project. SOS grants help cover the cost of security measures such as the placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures; security assessments; security training for students and personnel; and other measures to significantly increase school security.

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