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September 13, 2007

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Washington D.C.- The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) today awarded $159 million in crime fighting technology grants to 37 law enforcement agencies in 25 states and one U.S. territory. The grants were awarded under COPS Technology Program and will be used to support the development of integrated voice and data communication networks among emergency response agencies within the region served by the grant recipients. The grants will cover the purchase of equipment, enhancements to voice and data network infrastructures, and project management expenses.

The awards require grantees to provide a 25 percent cash match and were capped at $6 million for jurisdictions with populations greater than 500,000, and $3 million for populations less than 500,000. In addition to the grant funding, COPS offers grantees ongoing technical assistance resources throughout the development and implementation phases of their projects. COPS also requires grantees to participate in an initial technical assistance conference where national voice and data sharing technology experts share best practices with participants.

"Fighting crime and responding to emergencies more effectively requires working seamlessly across jurisdictions and disciplines, and these grants will help law enforcement and other emergency service providers offer a higher level of service to their communities," said COPS Director Carl R. Peed.

The COPS Office is a federal agency responsible for advancing community policing nationwide and supporting state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. Since 1995, COPS has invested $12.4 billion to advance community policing, including grants awarded to more than 13,000 state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to fund the hiring of more than 117,000 officers and provide a variety of knowledge resource products including publications, training, technical assistance, conferences and webcasts. Of this amount, including today's grants, COPS has awarded more than $405 million to support the development of voice and data sharing communication networks. To learn more about COPS grants, visit




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