The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 6 | June 2008

New From Our Partners at OVC

This month the Dispatch is pleased to offer news of two new products available from the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.

First Response to Victims of Crime

cover of First Response In the aftermath of a crime, a law enforcement officer’s interaction with a crime victim during the first response period can determine how the victim copes with both the immediate situation and his or her recovery. By understanding a crime victim’s needs, the officer can have a strong influence on the victim’s subsequent participation in the investigation and prosecution of the crime and increase the likelihood that the victim ultimately accesses needed services and assistance. A victim’s positive experience with the criminal justice system ultimately increases the effectiveness of law enforcement.

The Office for Victims of Crime has released a guidebook and video for law enforcement, titled First Response to Victims of Crime. Developed by the National Sheriffs’ Association, these products provide practical information to help law enforcement meet the immediate needs of victims of particular crimes and certain victim populations. Covered are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, drunk driving crashes, human trafficking, mass casualties, and survivors of homicide. The needs of victims who are older, or are children, immigrants, or have disabilities also are addressed. The 30-minute video is available in DVD (NCJ 211619) or VHS (NCJ 211618) format and complements the guidebook (NCJ 217272). The products may be ordered online at

Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking

cover of Sting Operations Guide Human trafficking is a global market that feeds on the demands of the sex industry and takes advantage of exploitable labor by preying on vulnerable women and children with promises of marriage, employment, educational opportunities, or a better life. When victims are identified, they need help from organizations that can provide protection, medical and social services, shelter options, counseling, and other services.

“Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking” is a training video produced by the Office for Victims of Crime and Safe Horizon, a victim assistance organization. It addresses the need for the victim services profession to work in partnership both with those who provide services to immigrants and with other practitioners to better serve victims of human trafficking. The 20-minute DVD will help victim service providers expand their skills and resources and includes information about what defines human trafficking and the response to this crime by the U.S. Government, the international community, and nongovernment entities. The DVD can be ordered online at

From the COPS Library

Supervision and Intervention within Early Intervention Systems: A Guide for Law Enforcement Executives

cover of Sting Operations Guide This publication is designed to provide practical advice on many aspects of EIS, including defining the role of the first-line supervisor, structuring the intervention process for officers who have reached (or are about to reach) a threshold within the system, identifying ways to provide the various programs and services that supplement and reinforce EIS, and creating a broader culture of accountability in law enforcement agencies. In addition, it presents some key recommendations for developing, implementing, and maintaining EIS, based on the lessons learned from other law enforcement agencies.