The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 6 | June 2008

2008 Funding Opportunities from COPS

Last month the COPS Office announced the availability of funding under the COPS Secure Our Schools (SOS) 2008 grant program and the Tribal Resources Grant Program 2008 (TRGP 2008). The application deadline for both of these programs is June 13, 2008, and there are three ways to apply.

  1. You may obtain a copy of the application materials by calling the COPS Response Center at 1.800.421.6770.
  2. You may print the application materials from a writeable PDF file that is available for download on the COPS web site at
  3. You may apply on-line at To view the application and apply on-line, go to
COPS Secure Our Schools (SOS) Grants

Approximately $13 million is available in FY2008 to provide funding to law enforcement agencies to assist with the development of school safety resources and provide improved security at schools and on school grounds. This program will fund up to 50 percent of the total cost to implement one or more of the following options: placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures; security assessments; security training of personnel and students; coordination with local law enforcement; and/or any other measure that may provide a significant improvement in security.

This year, the program is open to all law enforcement agencies nationwide that have primary law enforcement authority over a primary or secondary school within their jurisdiction. The application process will be competitive and, as such, we recommend that interested law enforcement agencies use this time early in the solicitation period to contact and develop partnerships with area schools that need to enhance or improve school safety and security equipment and/or measures.

The opportunity code for this program is COPS-SOS-2008-1.

Tribal Resources Grant Program (TRGP)

Up to $15 million in federal funds is available in Fiscal Year 2008 to address the serious needs of tribal law enforcement. The TRGP 2008 grant program is a comprehensive program that provides a variety of funding options including officer background investigations, law enforcement training, uniforms, basic-issue equipment, department-wide technology, and vehicles for officers. The program’s aim is to enhance tribal law enforcement infrastructure and community policing efforts.

This program is open to all fFederally Recognized Tribes with established police departments. In addition, tribes that are currently served by Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) law enforcement may request funding under TRGP 2008 to supplement their existing police services. Requests under this program must reflect otherwise unfunded needs. There is no local match requirement for the TRGP 2008 grant; therefore, the COPS Office will prioritize funding to agencies that demonstrate the greatest need for federal assistance. There is a cap of $200,000 for agencies with 20 or fewer sworn officer positions, and a cap of $400,000 for agencies with at least 21 sworn officer positions.

The opportunity code for this program is COPS-TRGP-2008-1.

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