The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 7 | July 2008

New from COPS

Police Enforcement Strategies to Prevent Crime in Hot Spot Areas

cover of First Response The second publication in the Crime Prevention Research Review series, this report summarizes the findings from all rigorous academic studies evaluating police enforcement strategies in hot spot areas. It finds that focusing efforts on places with high crime and calls for service can effectively be used to prevent crime in those locations. Reduced calls for service and other reductions in crime and disorder measures were noted in most studies. Displacement of crime due to the enforcement efforts was not prevalent in those studies that measured displacement.

Enhancing the Problem-Solving Capacity of Crime Analysis Units

cover of Sting Operations Guide This guide in the Problem-Solving Tools Series of the Problem-Oriented Guides for Police, is intended for police managers who wish to ensure that their crime analysts are properly inducted into the police environment and that their analytical work is fully integrated into departmental operations. The guide is organized around nine fundamental concerns that must be addressed when developing a problem-solving capacity within a crime analysis unit. Following each of the nine concerns, posed as questions, the author offers several recommendations for consideration when developing a group of skilled problem-solving crime analysts.