The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 4 | April 2008

Building Community Policing From the Ground Up

architecural planning Can a police departmentís building design support the primary elements of community policing? Can a building enhance citizen trust in police? Can a building facilitate information-sharing within itself and in the community? The Milliken (Colorado) Police Department thinks so. Read More

Helping Tribal Law Enforcement Implement Community Policing

Since 1999, the COPS Office has provided more than $314 million in assistance to law enforcement agencies in Indian country. Nearly $238 million of this amount was awarded through the Tribal Resources Grant Program (TRGP) to improve the law enforcement infrastructure by providing critical resources, training, technical assistance, and other support necessary to implement effective community policing strategies. Read More

Community Policing Nugget: Community Policing Specialists vs. Generalists

image of cop patrolling Most police agencies are highly specialized, dividing themselves into a number of units, bureaus, or divisions, each with distinct duties. It is not surprising, then, that when some agencies chose to implement community policing, they did so through the creation of specialized community policing units. Read More

Ensuring Safe Schools Since 2000

The Secure Our Schools (SOS) Program, in existence since 2000 as a response to the 1999 Columbine tragedy, awards grants that enable schools to purchase equipment, enhance school safety programs, and hire and train security personnel. Read More

Training Opportunities: Anti-Meth Training in Indian Country

Lamar Associates offers a 2-day, tuition-free course that outlines the national meth trafficking problem and its effects on tribal community resources, criminal jurisdiction, and service programs. Read More

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