The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 9 | September 2008

Foreclosures: A Public Safety Issue?

foreclosure sign This issue of the Community Policing Dispatch is highlighting this national crisis of property foreclosures to educate the readers about how greatly it affects public safety and the law enforcement community in its efforts to effectively control crime... Read More

Mortgage Crisis Is Affecting Local Property Crime

Homebuyers eager for deals are not alone in looking to cash in on opportunities created by the nation’s mortgage crisis. Criminals, too, are eyeing foreclosed homes with the intent to steal, vandalize, and otherwise damage neglected properties and their surrounding neighborhoods. Read More

Do Foreclosures Lead to Increased Violent Crime?
A Look at the Research Behind the Headlines

Caution Tape Image Scan the news headlines and you are sure to see a story about the state of the nation’s housing market. Many of these stories focus on the economic impact both to individuals and to the national economy. Read More

One on One with… the Recycling Industry

This month the Dispatch focuses on the partnership aspect of community policing in an interview with two executives representing the recycling industry: Associate Editor Amy Schapiro spoke with Denny Lewis, branch manager of CMC Recycling, and Michael Bianculli, director of Ocala Recycling. Read More

Foreclosure “Rescue” Schemes:
A Rising Trend in White Collar Crime

Rising Trend Graph In an increasingly unstable housing market, it is not surprising to learn that mortgage fraud is on the rise.
The number of mortgage fraud cases opened by the FBI increased to 462 in Fiscal Year 2007, up from 295 in 2003... Read More

News From Our Partners at BJA

Nationally, the overall rate of crime has dropped. Despite this decline, cities and communities face localized increases in violence and some property crimes. According to recent national surveys, the public continues to view crime as a serious problem. Read More

New From COPS

Cover: Strategies to Address Gang Crime Strategies to Address Gang Crime: A Guidebook for Local Law Enforcement Law enforcement agencies across the country have a new resource at their disposal as they work to combat gang-related crime in their jurisdictions. Read More

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