The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 1 | Issue 11 | November 2008

COPS Office Announces FY2008 Grant Awards

The COPS Office recently announced grant awards under our hiring, school safety, tribal, and child sexual predator prosecution programs:

School Safety

The COPS Office awarded $14.4 million in grants to 143 local law enforcement agencies and municipalities to enhance school safety
in 34 states. The grants were awarded through the Secure Our Schools program that provides funds to improve security in schools and on school grounds.

The Secure Our Schools program will provide up to 50 percent of the total cost for law enforcement and schools to install metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other equipment to help deter crime. The grants also can also be used to pay half of the cost of security assessments, security training, and other measures that will provide a significant improvement in school security.


The COPS Office awarded $19.8 million to fund the hiring of 269 law enforcement officers by 62 law enforcement agencies from 32 states and Puerto Rico.

The grants were awarded under COPS Universal Hiring Program and provide up to 75 percent of the total salary and benefits of each new officer for 3 years, up to $75,000. Local funds pay the rest. All jurisdictions that receive grants must retain the COPS-funded officer positions for at least one complete local budget cycle following the 3-year federal funding period.


COPS Office grants totaling $14.9 million were awarded to 80 tribal police departments and governments in 22 states. The funds support tribal law enforcement efforts to reduce crime and disorder and to enhance the services that the police departments provide.

The grants were awarded under the COPS Tribal Resources Grant Program (TRGP) that funds the purchase of crime-fighting technology systems and basic law enforcement equipment. The grants also can be used to procure training and technical assistance. Since 1995, the COPS Office has provided more than $314.4 million to support Native American law enforcement agencies and includes $237.6 million in grants made through the TRGP.

Child Sexual Predator Prosecution

Through its newest program, the COPS Office awarded $9.9 million in grants to support partnerships between state or local government agencies and their district United States Attorney's Office that focus on reducing child endangerment. The funds were awarded to 23 state and local agencies under the Child Sexual Predator Program and will help officials locate, arrest, and prosecute child sexual predators, and enforce state sex offender registration laws.

In addition to the grants, the COPS Office will fund the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to provide approximately $600,000 in technical assistance to grant recipients. The technical assistance will include a training conference on establishing effective anti-child endangerment programs, and on-site guidance for the grant recipients. The COPS Office will also develop a best practices publication that documents the experience of the grantees and can be used as guidance for other municipalities and states that pursue similar anti-child endangerment partnerships.

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