The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | Volume 3 | Issue 5 | May 2010

One-on-One with…Secretary Janet Napolitano

Secretary Napolitano recently spoke with Dispatch Associate Editor Amy Schapiro, about the nexus between community policing and homeland security. Read More

Director’s Column:
We Exist to Serve the Profession of Law Enforcement

Director Melekian When I assumed the position of COPS Office Director last November, one of my mandates was to ensure that I delivered the message that the COPS Office was “back in the game.” Read More

CP-SAT: A New Measure for Community Policing

Believe it or not, there was a time when many features that are standard in today’s automobiles such as speedometers, mirrors, and headlights were either optional accessories or were not even conceived when cars rolled off assembly lines. Read More

21st Century Policing –
The Mott Foundation Returns to Flint, MI

Community Protection Officer Escalating crime rates and diminishing municipal budgets are motivating police departments across the country to develop new ways of deploying services. The city of Flint, Michigan is no exception. Read More

Keeping Kids Safe

According to the Safe Kids U.S. Summer Safety Ranking Report, unintentional injury remains one of the leading causes of child deaths with more than 2,000 dying each summer from injuries that could have been prevented. Read More

Planner’s Conference Heads West to Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Landscape Behind the scenes, in almost every law enforcement agency is one of the most undetected functions in law enforcement: research and analysis. Often hidden within the Office of the Chief... Read More

2010 POP/IACA Conference

Crime analysis is essential to effective problem-oriented policing. To strengthen this connection, the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing and the International Association of Crime Analysts... Read More

2010 National Native American Anti-Meth Campaign

Advertisement for Anti-Meth Campaign Meth use rates for American Indian/Native Alaskan populations remain the highest of any ethnicity–more than two times higher than any other ethnic group (SAMHSA, 2009). Read More

COPS on the Road

The COPS Office participates in numerous conferences, training sessions and workshops across the country. The opportunity to meet with public safety practitioners is key... Read More

New from COPS

Child Abuse Pop Guide Cover Child Abuse and Neglect in the Home provides police with information about the problem of child abuse and neglect in the home and reviews factors that increase its... Read More

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