COPS Introduces New Principal Deputy Director

image of Joshua EderheimerThe Community Policing Dispatch is pleased to report that Joshua A. Ederheimer recently joined the COPS Office as Principal Deputy Director.  In announcing the selection to staff, Director Melekian noted, “his commitment to the philosophy of the COPS Office and his belief in the advancement of public safety through community policing is unwavering.”  When asked about his new role as the office second-in-command, Mr. Ederheimer replied that he is looking forward to bringing his “perspective as a long-time law enforcement officer” to the position and to “working to promote the COPS Office as the number one resource for the field.  I am particularly interested in making the great, innovative work COPS does even more accessible to the beat officer.”

Mr. Ederheimer served with the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPD) for more than 22 years, where he attained the rank of Assistant Chief.  As a member of the MPD, he served in a variety of areas including patrol, investigations, administration, and command.  During his tenure at the MPD, he successfully designed and implemented numerous complex programs that involved major organizational reengineering—several of which evolved into national models.  Noteworthy projects included the creation of the Civil Rights and Force Investigation Division, Environmental Crimes Unit, Compliance Monitoring Team (for the implementation of an agreement with the DOJ Civil Rights Division), and Professional Development Bureau.  He also reformed the agency’s Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance; Training Division; Public Housing Division; and Internal Affairs Division. 

This law enforcement background is complemented by extensive involvement in national policing issues. He served for three years as the Director of the Center on Force and Accountability at the Police Executive Research Forum in Washington, D.C.  As the Center’s founding Director, Mr. Ederheimer conducted research and provided guidance to law enforcement organizations—nationally and abroad—on police use of force, accountability, and leadership topics.  He led both federally and privately supported national police initiatives and provided technical assistance to law enforcement agencies on various topics.

Mr. Ederheimer is also an Adjunct Professor of Justice at American University's School of Public Affairs, where he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses for more than 10 years.  His courses have included Race and Justice in America, Contemporary Issues in American Law Enforcement, Police Use of Excessive Force, Justice in America, Critical Issues in Justice, and Policing in America. 

Mr. Ederheimer holds a bachelor's degree in Justice from American University, and a master's degree in Management and Leadership from Johns Hopkins University.  He has written extensively about policing, and has published and edited numerous articles, books and publications.  He has spoken to groups around the world about policing trends and issues, and has provided detailed technical assistance to a variety of organizations.

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