Ask a GPS: Need More Time? How to Extend Your Grant

image of government building with dollar sign on itFor most grant programs, the COPS Office faxes an Extension Request Form (ERF) to grantee departments during the last quarter  of the grant period (three months before the grant’s scheduled end date).

An ERF is comprised of two sections. Section 1 gives the grantee the opportunity to select the amount of time and reason for the extension. In intervals of 6, 12, or 18 months, the grantee would indicate the amount of time needed to complete implementation of the grant. For a request that exceeds 18 months, the grantee must provide a new end date in the space provided. Also, a reason why the grant is being extended must be selected from the options offered. Each option provided—Hiring, Equipment, or Administrative delays—should be selected as it applies to the extension request, possibly resulting in multiple options selected. Once that has been completed, the requester must print their name, sign and date the document, and fax the extension form to the number provided (if Section 2 is not needed).

Section 2 provides a justification for the amount of time requested. This section only needs to be completed if indicated in Part A of Section 1. If that is the case, then the grantee will need to provide supplemental information explaining the specific issues or problems that may have caused the delay in implementation or completion of the grant. Finally, the grantee will need to provide a new timeline that reflects when the agency plans to complete any steps of the project not finished. This timeline should be in a month-to-month format up to the newly requested end date.

Grantees may also submit grant extension requests in writing on department letterhead, although requests should not be submitted until the final quarter of the grant period. The letter should include the grant program name, grant number, and the requested revised end date and/or the amount of additional time requested. The request must also be signed by the law enforcement or government executive. A justification of the extension request should be included with requests for extension periods of 18 months or longer, and must be approved in writing by the COPS Office.

Please fax or mail the extension to the number and/or address indicated on the form. Any extension received after the end date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that an extension provides additional time to complete a grant, but does not provide additional funding. For any additional questions, please contact your state assigned grant program specialist. Contact information may be found by accessing the following link: .

-John Wells
Grant Program Specialist
The COPS Office


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