The e-newsletter of the COPS Office | CHRP Special Edition | July 2009

How to Manage Your Grant and Implement Your Community Policing Plan: Online Training for CHRP Grantees

The COPS Office understands that many, if not all, COPS Hiring Recovery Program (CHRP) grantee agencies will have questions in the upcoming months about how to manage their grants. Financial strains have forced many law enforcement agencies to reduce or eliminate altogether their budgets for training. With this in mind, the COPS Office has partnered with the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation to offer no-cost, online training to all CHRP grantees.

Soon, CHRP grantee agencies, at their own convenience, will be able to learn about both grant management and community policing in an interactive learning environment, located at Here are some important facts to know about this training opportunity:

The COPS Office is committed to providing the training and resources necessary for law enforcement agencies to use community policing to reduce crime and enhance relationships with those they serve. This training opportunity will provide another resource that we hope will meet the needs of all law enforcement agencies—large, medium, and small—who have been funded under CHRP. For additional information about hiring and recruitment, please refer to our Recruitment topics page,

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