Reentry Database Available for Law Enforcement and Key Partners

Cop in carA past offender’s reentry into the community is a window of opportunity for law enforcement and their partners to prevent future crimes and victimizations. Using problem-solving approaches, law enforcement professionals collaboratively identify the factors that drive recidivism, analyze the causes, then develop and evaluate their efforts to address reentry issues in their jurisdictions. Law enforcement agencies are key partners in any reentry initiative and many agencies use community policing activities and strong partnerships to strengthen their relationships with community leaders and service providers.

The Council of State Governments, through the support of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, developed a comprehensive database of online resources for reentry. The database is designed to catalog adult and juvenile programs found nationwide that work to make an individual’s return to communities from prisons, jails, and juvenile corrections facilities safer and more successful.The goal of this database is to advance community-policing based reentry strategies and create peer-to-peer learning opportunities for law enforcement agencies, community based service providers, and corrections professionals nationwide.

Designed to be user-friendly, the database includes such features as:

  • Unlimited profiles. This online tool will allow reentry program staff to create multiple profiles for individual programs and initiatives by completing an online survey that gathers detailed information on target population, services, program activities, and data-collection efforts.
  • Multiple search capabilities. Users can generate a targeted list of programs, with the option to search by state or by topic area. Available topic areas include employment, housing, law enforcement, and families.
  • Additional resources. Profiles available in the database may include links to relevant media articles, research, and evaluations.

The Reentry Programs Database can be accessed at Jurisdictions with reentry programs are encouraged to create or update profiles.

Tawana Waugh
Policy Analyst
COPS Office

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