Community Policing Dispatch - 2013 Archives


  • Police and People Who Stutter
  • Partnerships for Preparedness
  • Events with the Potential to Go Viral
  • Tribal Policing Partnerships
  • Solving Missing and Unidentified Persons Cases
  • Advancing Police Legitimacy
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  • 1-on-1 with Captain Garret Tom, SFPD
  • Response to School-Based Incidents
  • A Priceless Public-Private Partnership
  • When Police Engage Immigrant Communities
  • Dismounting Due to the Economy
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  • Work in Progress From Tragedy to Healing: Oak Creek, Wisconsin
  • COPS Office Micro-Grants
  • A Role for Officers in Schools
  • Training the Trainer
  • Crowd Management The Retail Perspective
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  • A Day in the Life of a School Resource Officer
  • Shift Scheduling may be Key
  • Seattle LEADs
  • DECSYS: Automating Collaboration
  • 2013 CPD Program Coming Soon!
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  • Hate Crime Reporting
  • New Ideas to Common Practices
  • MSP Youth Leadership Academy
  • Helping Hartford Prosper
  • 2013 L. Anthony Sutin Civic
  • LACP and CSCP Award
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  • American Policing 2022 Goes to Yale
  • SROs and Information Sharing
  • Preparing officers for a COD
  • Stop Street Harassment
  • 2013 Sutin Civic Imagination Award
  • Medal of Valor and Badge of Bravery
  • In Memoriam - Louis A. Mayo, Ph.D.
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  • Meet the New
  • Women in Law Enforcement
  • Leadership Strategies: Engaging the Community in the Absence of a Crisis
  • Honoring the Fallen: National Police Week
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  • A Smarter Way to End Homelessness
  • Innovative Solutions to Help Fight Property Crimes
  • Counter Terrorism through LEEP
  • COPS Office and Campbell CCJG Partnership
  • Coming Soon...from the COPS Office
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  • Fairness as a Crime Prevention Tool
  • The Importance of Legitimacy in Hot Spots Policing
  • The Importance of Procedural Justice
  • Procedural Justice: High Expectations
  • Policing and Perceptions of Fairness
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  • Lessons from a Hate Crime Detective
  • What Can HTCP Do For You?
  • Responding to Domestic Violence
  • More De-Escalation Tactics Training
  • Interoperability Guidebook Updated
  • COPS at IACP
  • Meet the Authors!
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  • Enhancing Survivability at Mass Casualty Events
  • Coffee with a Cop
  • Police and Dog Encounters
  • Militarization
  • Innovative Policing on a College Campus: UMASS
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