Community Policing Dispatch - 2009 Archives


• Taking Cultural Competency into Account when Approaching the Asian American Community
• PRECIOUS METAL Copper Theft Threatens U.S. Infrastructure
• Community Policing Nugget: Broken Windows and Community Policing
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• Foot Patrols: Crime Analysis and Community Engagement to Further the Commitment to Community Policing
• Preview of a Forthcoming COPS Book: Building Our Way Out of Crime: The Promise of Police-Community Developer Partnerships
• Reducing Biased Policing Through Training
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• Indio Police Department Tackles the Foreclosure Crisis
• Child Sexual Predator Program
• Discourteous Cops and Unruly Citizens: Mediation Can Help
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• By Their Own Hand: Suicide among Law Enforcement Personnel
• Campus Threat Assessment Training: A Multidisciplinary Approach
• Using Social Media to Protect Public Safety
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• One-on-One with Sheriff Leroy (Lee) Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
• A Partnership that Builds Communities: Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity and the Baltimore Police Department
• Community Policing Dispatch Wins National Award
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• Attacking Mortgage Fraud in Florida
• One on One with… the Salt Lake City Meth and Drug Initiative
• Moving Beyond the Vision: Arizona Moves from Planning to Action
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• Shutting the Door on Foreclosure and Drug-Related Problem Properties: Two Communities Respond to Neighborhood Disorder
• Combating the Stop Snitching Code of Silence
• National Institute of Justice Panel Explores Familicide Phenomenon
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• The Role of 311 Nonemergency Systems in Emergencies
• Behaviorist or Bureaucrat? Surveying the Surveyors in Policing!
• Using Social Networking to Reach the Public
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• One-On-One with Officer Lynn Wright Pine Bluff Police Department
• Police Labor Relations: Interest-Based Problem-Solving and the Power of Collaboration
• Save Green by Going Green
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• One-On-One with Chief James Fealy High Point, North Carolina
• NATS Initiative Provides Fitting End to a Disorderly Problem in Maine
• Drive Smart Colorado and State Patrol Community Policing
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• One-on-One with…ONDCP Director Gil Kerlikowske
• Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative
• The Digital TV Switch And Its Impact On Public Safety
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• Using DNA to Solve Property Crimes
• Policing Mid-Size Cities—A Call for Research and Advocacy
• Chula Vista Wins Herman Goldstein Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing Award
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