Heroes Behind the Badge

January 1, 2011: Clark County Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper was fatally wounded by a suspect with a shotgun while investigating a “shots fired” call.

January 20: Miami-Dade Police Detectives Amanda Haworth and Roger Castillo were shot and killed as they were attempting to arrest a career criminal on a felony murder warrant.

August 7: San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood was assassinated with a shotgun blast to the face by a subject who randomly pulled along side his patrol car and opened fire for no reason. Henwood had just paid for a needy child’s meal at a nearby McDonald’s.

Were these just four more cold, hard statistics from 2011? Thankfully, they were much more than that.

Family mourning - thumbnailThese were real people with real lives. They had real families, real friends, and real colleagues. And most important of all…they have real and compelling stories. Modern-day heroes who put their lives on the line, and lost, while keeping us, our families, and our communities safe and secure.

When 25-year veteran Miami-Dade Police Lieutenant Bill Erfurth retired several years ago and founded Modern City Entertainment (MCE), a South Florida based film and TV production company, he thought he had left law enforcement behind. The untimely and violent deaths of two of his former colleagues, Haworth and Castillo, changed everything.

Captail Henwood - thumbnailThat’s when the concept for a documentary film “Heroes Behind The Badge” was born. Erfurth, president of MCE and executive producer of the documentary, believes there are important stories that are not being told, which need to be told. Erfurth pulled the MCE production team together and mapped out a plan to create a first-of-its-kind documentary film.

MCE has partnered with The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and its chairman, Craig Floyd. Much of the filming was done in May during Police Week in Washington, D.C., highlighting the many ceremonies and tributes to fallen officers.

MCE production crews traveled from coast to coast all spring, meeting and interviewing colleagues, friends, and family members to get exclusive, never before seen or heard stories. They captured 80 hours of incredible video that is now being edited to create the 90 minute documentary film.

Castillo family - thumbnailIn addition to the four fallen officers, the documentary will profile three living legends that could have easily become victims, but due to their courageous actions, were able to survive. Their incredible stories will be told in their own words and in the words of their colleagues and families.

Discussions are underway to place the film on a national cable TV channel. DVD’s and Blu-rays are now available and can be ordered on the NLEOMF website below.

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For more information please check out the following:

WEBSITE: www.heroesbehindthebadge.com

FACEBOOK: www.facbook.com/heroesbehindthebadge (Please “Like and Share”)

TRAILER ON YOU TUBE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMJCOEOGYgg

NLEOMF LINK: www.nleomf.org/officers/heroes-behind-the-badge/


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