How Many Police Officers Do You Need?

How many police officers do you need?

How many police officers does an agency need? This question is difficult to answer in the best of times. It has become more so in recent years, as an economic downturn caused police agencies to consider hiring freezes, furloughs, lay-offs, salary and benefit cut-backs, and retirement incentives.  Read More

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The Cop Who Got Fired - Part 2

When Theresa Chambers was fired from her job as Chief of the U.S. Park Police, the story made headlines across the country. After a legal battle that dragged on for 7 years, Chambers got her job back. Now back on the job for 18 months, Chambers shares the details of that dark time in her life. Read More

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Restorative Group Conferencing and Sexting: Repairing Harm in Wright County

Three years ago, at a middle school in Wright County, Minnesota, students discovered sexually explicit pictures of a female student on her boyfriend’s cell phone. The students ran to the bathroom with the cell phone and sent the pictures on to eight other students. By the time the adults in the school discovered the pictures many student cell phones had received them. Read More

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Green Dots: How Many Do You Have?

Decreasing violent crime rates is a daunting task, but Green Dot Etcetera, Inc., and its founder, Dr. Dorothy Edwards, have put together a national program that is simple, concrete, and realistic. Live the Green Dot mobilizes communities to combat violent crime together. Read More

Battle Dress Utilities

BDUs and Community Policing?

Are BDUs compatible with the goals of community policing? The name itself—“battle dress uniform” or “battle dress utilities” (BDU)—seems antithetical to the philosophy of community policing. Read More


London "Bobby" HelmetDid You Know…?

In 1829 the first modem police force the London Metropolitan Police —aka “Bobbies”— developed the first standard police apparel.


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A Performance-Based Approach to Police Staffing and Allocation
A Performance-Based Approach to Staffing and Allocation summarizes the research conducted by the Michigan State University team. Read More

Group Violence Reduction Strategy Practice Brief
The National Network for Safe Communities’ Group Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS), also known as “Operation Ceasefire,” has repeatedly demonstrated that serious violence can be dramatically reduced... Read More

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