One on one with…the editors of American Policing
in 2022

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The Community Policing Dispatch’s Esteban Hernandez recently interviewed Debra McCullough and Deborah Spence of the COPS Office about the new book published by the COPS Office, American Policing in 2022: Essays on the Future of a Profession. Read More

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The Cop Who Got Fired

When Theresa Chambers was fired from her job as Chief of the U.S. Park Police, the story made headlines across the country. After a legal battle that dragged on for 7 years, Chambers got her job back. Now back on the job for 18 months, Chambers shares the details of that dark time in her life. Read More

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Salem, Massachusetts, Police: Conjuring Effective Community Policing

Salem, as every American child learns in their early grades, was home to the infamous 17th century witch trials. The eventual identification with Halloween was pushed on the city in the 19th century by enterprising local business people looking to cash in on the notoriety. Read More

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Community Collaborations on Mental Illness: The Critical Role of Law Enforcement

In recent years, law enforcement officers have often become the first responders to people with mental illness who are in crisis. When family members, friends, or others call 911 about someone they know who is experiencing a psychiatric emergency, police officers are frequently dispatched to the scene. Read More

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Cleaning Up Coatesville

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is the only actual city located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and is situated about 40 miles west of Philadelphia. It is a city with both high crime and high unemployment, and a place where the effects of America’s economic downturn can certainly be seen. Read More

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Facing a COPS grant audit? Don’t despair, prepare!

Most people cringe when they hear the word audit. Their tendency is to prepare for a chilling experience, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Read More...

Police Chief Jason Shiffer doing bike tricks

Velocop Demonstrates his MTB Tricks of the Trade

Bethlehem (PA) Police Chief Jason Schiffer was patrolling the 2012 Musikfest on his bicycle when he encountered a group of teenagers. Read More...


Did You Know…?

That Carrabelle, Florida, is the Home of the World’s Smallest Police Station?


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Director's Column

Director MelekianLate this summer I had the pleasure of announcing our 2012 Community Policing Development Program (CPD) awardees.   Read More....

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New from COPS

Issue Brief Offerings for Technology Project Managers Read More

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