Boston Red Sox Security Team: Taking Community Policing Out to the Ballgame

Photo: Charles Celluci with Usher Al Green, a 37-year veteran at Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox Director of Security Charles J. Cellucci is applying the tenets of effective community policing to a successful program of safety and security in Fenway Park. Just as scouts describe the best ballplayers as "five tool players," Cellucci’s approach can be summarized as the "Five Tool Strategy:" Read More...

thumbnail photo: large crowd at a shopping center

Flash Mobs: A New Twist on an Old Problem

The flash mob phenomenon, which exploits modern communications and social media in particular, has been striking with increasing frequency, bringing with it large-scale street crime and violence. Read More

photo thumbnail: North Miami Beach Patrol car parked in front of headquarters

Building Relationships and Solving Problems in North Miami Beach

With today’s distressed economy, federal, state, and local governments are feeling the tightening of their budgets; recently this has been translating into increased risks for public safety. Read More

The National Drug Court Institute (NDCI) logo

Law Enforcement Officers Matter to Drug Courts

Since 1994, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) has worked diligently to create and enhance drug courts, of which there are now over 2,500 operating in the United States. Read More

photo thumbnail: young man in streets with a hoodie on

National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) Helps Law Enforcement Share Gang Information

The burden of gang investigators and analysts to comprehend the full nature of the threat posed by gangs to their communities has expanded and become increasingly complex. Read More

Michigan State University logo

Michigan State University to Study Public Safety Consolidation

With support from the COPS Office, Dr. Jeremy Wilson of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice is leading a national study to systematically examine the nature of public safety consolidation, communities in which police and fire services are delivered by a single department. Read More

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Director MelekianAs you know on September 8, President Obama announced his American Jobs Act plan at a joint session of Congress. I was extremely pleased that he included first responders in his plan, calling for $5 billion in support of hiring and retaining public safety and first responder personnel, including $4 billion for the COPS Hiring Program. Read More...

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Institutionalization of Problem Solving, Analysis, and Accountability in the Port St. Lucie, FL Police Department provides results of a collaborative partnership that sought to increase the effectiveness of crime reduction efforts  Read More...

Using Public Surveillance Systems for Crime Control and Prevention 
is designed to guide city administrators, law enforcement agencies, and their municipal partners in implementing and employing public surveillance systems in a manner that will have the greatest impact on public safety. Read More...

The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters Americans love dogs. There is roughly one dog for every four people in the United States, and they live in a variety of relationships with humans. Read More...

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