Michigan State University to Study Public Safety Consolidation

With support from the COPS Office, Dr. Jeremy Wilson of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice is leading a national study to systematically examine the nature of public safety consolidation, communities in which police and fire services are delivered by a single department. The purpose of the multi-dimensional study is to identify the short- and long-term costs and benefits of this form of consolidation so that communities can assess for themselves the feasibility of the model based on their unique circumstances. To support the analyses, the team is looking to identify every US agency that has in any way consolidated police and fire functions (ranging from administrative consolidation only to the full cross-training of personnel) as well as every agency that at one point had consolidated police and fire functions but later deconsolidated them. If your agency has consolidated or deconsolidated police and fire functions, please visit the following website to provide your agency’s contact information: http://www.cj.msu.edu/a-cappp/pscacp.htm. This will ensure your agency and its experience will be represented in this important and timely research.

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