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Last month the COPS Office hosted the 2012 conference on the Evolution of Public Safety in America. The 2-day event featured dozens of interesting sessions and captivating keynote speakers. Videos of the keynote presentations will be posted on the COPS Office website later this year and many of the session presenters will be featured in upcoming podcasts from The Beat. And this month the Dispatch staff writers bring you recaps of some of their favorite sessions.

2012 COPS Conference Recap: Training to Address Veterans in Crisis Highlighted

Image: 2012 COPS Conference Recap: Training to Address Veterans in Crisis Highlighted

The audible cringe from the audience was understandable, as they watched the suspect in the video wave a gun within 5 feet of the officer who had pulled him over. Fortunately, the officer ultimately succeeded in talking him down from harming himself or others at the scene. After viewing the video, the attendees of the workshop Keeping Officers Safe through Collaborative Responses to Veterans in Crisis, commented on what the officer, whose actions were recorded in real-time by an in-car camera, did right and what she might have done better to secure her safety and those of her partners when responding to a call involving a military veteran in crisis. Read More

thumbnail image: police officer shaking hands with civilian

2012 COPS Conference Recap: “Grounds for Success” succeeds in drawing in a crowd

As attendees made their way into this session, three officers in uniform cheerfully greeted each new arrival, thanking them for coming and asking how they were doing. Read More

thumbnail image: NearMe iPhone GPS Accuracy

2012 COPS Conference Recap: Need a Way to Increase Police Efficiency and Enhance Officer Safety with a Limited Budget? There’s an App for That!

This year’s COPS conference focused on The Evolution of Public Safety in America. Many agencies and jurisdictions around the country are facing new challenges caused by shrinking budgets. Read More...

Tweet-Along to Savings and Budget Conscious Alternatives

2012 COPS Conference Recap: Tweet-Along to Savings and Budget Conscious Alternatives

Have you ever gone for a ride on a Tweet-Along? Every 2 weeks, the Arlington (TX) Police Department (APD) invites its more than 3,000 Twitter followers on a virtual ride-along, giving them a glimpse into police work in real-time. Read More

photo: Tennessee’s Approach to the Problem of Meth Clean Up

Tennessee’s Approach to the Problem of Meth Clean Up

Clandestine methamphetamine (meth) laboratories are an increasing problem in the United States. In an interview, Thomas N. Farmer reported that in 2010, when the United States had 11,804 meth incidents, Tennessee (TN) had 2,082 lab seizures. Read More

Logo: Celebrate Safe Communities

Celebrate Safe Communities

Celebrate Safe Communities is brought to you by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice. It was developed in 2008 in partnership with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) to promote crime prevention in local communities across the country. Read More

Did You Know…?

That these laws were—or still may be—real?

  • Rhode Island: It's illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley.
  • South Carolina: Musical instruments may not be sold on Sundays.
  • South Dakota: It's illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.
    Tennessee: It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish.
  • Texas: You can't go bare foot without getting a special $5 permit.
  • Utah: Birds have the right of way on highways.
  • Vermont: Whistling underwater is illegal.
  • Virginia: No animal may be hunted for on Sunday with the exception of raccoons, which may be hunted until 2:00 AM.
  • Washington: It is illegal to attach a vending machine to a utility pole without prior consent from the utility company.
  • West Virginia: It is illegal to snooze on a train.
    Wisconsin: It is illegal to kiss on a train.
  • Wyoming: Using a firearm to fish is strictly forbidden.


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Crisis Management Strategies Major events such as terrorist attacks and weather catastrophes over the last decade have illustrated the need for the public sector to engage the private sector.
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Export of Stolen Vehicles Across Land Borders Problem-Solving Tools Guide This guide is primarily intended to help local police deal with theft for export, though it might also be of value to county or state agencies. Read More

The High Point Drug Market Intervention Strategy Drug markets destroy neighborhoods, contribute to crime, and have a negative effect on communities. The arrest and jailing of drug dealers alone has not eliminated the problem. Read More

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