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August 2022 | Volume 15 | Issue 8

Since 1968, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) has served as the headquarters for all law enforcement training in Kansas. The KLETC campus is a residential campus that spans more than 173 acres and includes traditional law enforcement training facilities.

The Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, Kansas.
KLETC is a unit of the University of Kansas (KU). This unique association with KU, a major research institution, allows KLETC to leverage the strength and resources of an AAU research university to better educate and train students. As law enforcement training continues to incorporate an increasing number of higher-order thinking skills, the blending of education and training will become increasingly important. KLETC’s statutory mission is “the promotion and development of improved law enforcement personnel and procedures throughout the state, and the training center shall offer to qualified applicants such programs and courses of instruction designed to fulfill this end.”

Basic training is conducted at the KLETC main campus and its seven certified satellite academies. KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck regulates basic law enforcement training for KLETC and the state as Director of Police Training. Like many other licensed professions, Kansas has separated the regulation of training from the disciplinary process involving its officers.

In 2021, KLETC applied for and was awarded a grant through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) with the goal of establishing a voluntary state accreditation program for law enforcement agencies in Kansas. At the time of application, Kansas was one of only 14 states that did not have a state-level law enforcement accreditation program. KLETC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the program because it is not a law enforcement agency, thus avoiding any possible conflicts of interest. KLETC is excited to announce the establishment of the Kansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (KLEAP).

Following the establishment of KLEAP, KLETC hired a program manager to facilitate the development of bylaws and the creation of the Kansas Accreditation Council (KAC), the directing and guiding body for KLEAP. The KAC consists of seven board members and two council members.

In February 2022, six KAC members were appointed by the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) and the Kansas Sheriffs’ Association (KSA) representing a geographically diverse range of agencies of all sizes. One additional council member from a law enforcement agency not led by a sheriff or municipal chief of police, designated the member at large, was appointed by Director Beck. The remaining two council members are permanent appointments to the KAC from KLETC staff. These two council members will be nonvoting and will not be eligible to hold the seats of Chair or Vice Chair.

KLEAP’s goal is to increase the number of Kansas law enforcement agencies that elect to participate in a voluntary accreditation program. The KLEAP vision is “to be a compass on the journey towards law enforcement excellence in Kansas.” The program is developed by law enforcement for law enforcement with the goal of making accreditation obtainable for any Kansas agency seeking professional excellence via accredited status. Accreditation offers many benefits, such as lower insurance rates and reduced liability and susceptibility to lawsuits. It sends a message to communities that their law enforcement agency is committed to excellence.

Since the establishment of the KAC, council members have worked diligently in developing the 167 KLEAP standards and program procedures. State accreditation will consist of five steps: application, self-assessment, on-site assessment, council review, and continued compliance. Free Accreditation Manager training will be provided for all agencies enrolled in the program. KLETC plans to conduct a soft launch of the program in August of this year, with a goal for a full rollout in September 2022. More information will be provided on the KLETC website as it becomes available.

Contact Information:
Suellyn Hooper, Program Manager | Email: | Phone: 620-694-1549

Darin Beck
Executive Director
Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and Director of Police Training, State of Kansas

Photos Courtesy of KLETC.

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