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Campus Sentinel is a free mobile app for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) that provides campus crime statistics, safety resources, and security news and information for over 4,400 colleges and universities in the United States. Parents and students can use it when filling out college applications to understand crime and safety information for schools they’re considering and to compare those schools’ self-reported crime statistics to each other. Once the student is enrolled, the app is a great resource for information and advice regarding safety and security issues both on and off campus.Screen Capture: Campus Sentinel

The app was developed by Campus Sentinel, Inc., a company specializing in mobile apps for campus safety and security. As the principles of Campus Sentinel, Inc., Dr. Gary J. Margolis and Steven J. Healy are also the principles of Margolis Healy & Associates, LLC, a professional services firm specializing in higher education safety and security. President and co-founder Dr. Margolis explains, “Schools have been collecting campus crime statistics for over two decades, but there was no easy way to make sense of it. With Campus Sentinel, we’re able to help students and their parents search data from over 4,400 schools. The methodology we developed and use to display it provides depth, dimension, and ease of understanding to the data.”

In the Find a Campus section of the app, the most recent 3 years of campus crime statistics for a range of crimes including weapons, drug, and alcohol violations; property crimes; and violent crimes are displayed. Campuses can be compared to one another and to a national per 1000 average. Campus Sentinel’s Resource Desk provides safety information for all stages of the college experience, from visiting schools and studying abroad, to spring break and off-campus housing. It explains actions that can be taken to prevent various crimes, and what to do if you are a victim. Travel safety checklists, questions to ask on campus tours, and advice for maintaining and protecting your online reputation are also covered. Students can learn how to assist someone who has been the victim of a crime or who has alcohol poisoning, an eating disorder, or suicidal thoughts. For additional, more in-depth information, each section includes a comprehensive set of resources, including some developed and provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), and the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Campus Sentinel is also a source for breaking news, listing campus safety-related headlines from around the country with links to full coverage. A special Campus News section can be set to display news from an unlimited number of specific schools. The appprovides information on and access to more than 20 non-profit and other organizations that work with schools on safety issues. They include the U.S. State Department’s Students Abroad resources, Serving Those Who Serve, and The Bacchus Network, which promotes student-led leadership on health and safe lifestyle decisions.

Campus Sentinel has a private-label option for college and university safety departments that allows school and campus public safety/security/police department branding, and school-specific safety and security news. There is also a section for school-specific safety and security resources, created and edited by the school and accessible via web interface, as well as one for blog and/or news postings from the school.

About Campus Sentinel, Inc:
Campus Sentinel, Inc., is a company specializing in mobile applications for higher education safety and security. As the managing partners of Margolis Healy & Associates, LLC, the company principals, Dr. Gary J. Margolis and Steven J. Healy, have more than 15 years each of providing consulting services to clients in the education, public, and private sectors, and specialize in higher education safety and security. For more information about Campus Sentinel, please visit;;; or


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