COPS Hiring Program Now Open for Applications

LAPD Recruitment ClassThe U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (the COPS Office) has announced the solicitation of applications for funding under the COPS Hiring Program (CHP). CHP is a competitive grant program that provides funding directly to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to hire police officers dedicated to addressing specific crime and disorder challenges confronting communities. The grants provide 100 percent funding for the entry-level salaries and benefits of newly-hired, or rehired, full-time officer positions over a 36 month period.

Applications will be available beginning May 2 at, and must be completed and submitted online by May 25.

This round of hiring grants will be much different than previous years. Under the leadership of Director Bernard K. Melekian, the COPS Office established an initiative to enhance the integration of community policing into our grant programs, and to better align COPS grant programs with the advancement of community policing. This year, applicants will be asked to address how grant funding will assist them in building partnerships, solving problems, and sustaining organizational change. The application will allow applicants to identify specific community crime and disorder problems that they seek to address with COPS funding, and the specific community policing strategies and tactics they plan to employ against these problems. Narrative questions will be limited within the application, but specificity within the community policing plan will be required.

In addition to more specific details outlined in an applicant’s community policing plan, grantees will be required to take a Community Policing Self Assessment Tool (CP-SAT), which will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an agency’s community policing, and to work with the agency to support them in the areas that they decide need improvement. This tool is viewed as a valuable way to objectively capture information on community policing practices that can support the identification of training and development needs.

“These grants will provide America’s law enforcement agencies with community policing resources to address crime and public safety concerns that place communities at risk,” said Director Melekian. “We want law enforcement agencies and communities to view this funding as an opportunity to add officers who will be dedicated to specific crime problems or initiatives, not simply to bolster their staffing levels.”

The COPS Office is a federal agency responsible for advancing public safety through community policing. In addition to the provision of grant funding, the COPS office works to advance community policing by developing knowledge resource products, including publications, training programs, technical assistance, conferences, and webcasts.

For more information about the COPS Office and the CHP grant program, please visit

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