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April 2020 | Volume 13 | Issue 4

Tight budgets and limited time shouldn’t stand in the way of critical training needs. That’s why more and more law enforcement professionals are turning to the COPS Office Training Portal for online learning opportunities and digital resources.

Everyone from individual officers to entire departments can train and learn at their own pace, at no cost! And with a constantly expanding library of courses and resources, there’s something for everyone interested in taking their knowledge and skills to the next level.

In the last few months, the following e-learning training opportunities have been added to the Portal:

  • Active Attack Event Response Leadership
    The goal of this course is to provide leaders in first response and emergency management agencies with strategic leadership and integrated response strategies that will prepare them to not only “stop the killing” but to also “stop the dying” in active attack events.
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Train-the-Trainer
    This course helps prepare civilians with immediate response options for surviving an active attack event during the window of time before law enforcement responders arrive on the scene.
  • After-Action Review and Reporting: An Introduction
    In an effort to help organizations better understand the role of after-action reviews as a credible learning tool, this course provides law enforcement leaders with an overview of the after-action process, including ways to organize and communicate the findings of a formal or informal review.
  • Preventing Problems by Promoting Positive Practices
    This highly interactive 60-minute course is designed to provide School Resource Officers (SROs) with an innovative school climate model and school climate enhancement practices. It covers research-based and practice-informed strategies to manage implicit biases, respond to youth behavior, restore relationships after conflicts, and much more.
  • Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Training
    Four new training opportunities from the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children are now available. The courses help law enforcement professionals develop an awareness of the issues associated with DEC and provide strategies for managing them. The topics covered include an overview of DEC, prenatal threats, postnatal risks, and long-term outcomes.

Four multimedia resource libraries on Tribal Policing, Elder Justice, Human Trafficking, and Hate Crimes have also recently been added to the site. Here you’ll find articles, videos, podcasts, and other digital content you can use in your own training and professional development initiatives.

In the coming months, be on the lookout for new content on topics such as drones, drug endangered children, veteran de-escalation, school safety, officer safety, crime reduction, and much more. In the meantime, sign up for one of the 10 e-learning courses and training support packages currently available at no cost to you and your colleagues:

  1. Applied Evidence-Based Policing Practices: Homicide and Violent Crime Reduction
  2. Changing Perceptions: A Fair and Impartial Policing Approach
  3. Community Policing Defined
  4. Ethical Considerations for Asset Forfeiture
  5. Ethical Decision Making: Policing with Principled Insight
  6. New Perspectives on Community Policing
  7. Police and Dog Encounters: Tactical Strategies and Effective Tools to Keep Our Communities Safe and Humane
  8. Procedural Justice: Roll Call Training for Law Enforcement
  9. Public Law 280 Training Program for Enhanced Collaborative Law Enforcement
  10. Tactical Community Policing for Homeland Security

The COPS Office Training Portal is made possible through the COPS Office’s partnership with the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, which manages and administers the platform, site content, and customer service. If you have any questions, technical issues, or suggestions on content you’d like to see in the Portal, please contact the team at VCPI via email or at 804-644-0899.

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