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Captain Garret Tom, SFPD

Captain Garret Tom

Commanded by Captain Garret Tom, Central Station is one of 10 district police stations in San Francisco. Read More

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The Role of LE in Responding to School-Based Incidents

From a community standpoint, there have been many concerns and a change of vision regarding emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. It is necessary that public and private sectors work together to return the community to a sense of normalcy. Read More

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A Priceless Public-Private Partnership

Community policing is a philosophy that goes far beyond just shaking hands and kissing babies. In modern day policing, community engagement has real value to U.S. law enforcement agencies as well as to the citizens they serve. Read More

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When Police Engage Immigrant Communities

A rising number of immigrants are living in neighborhoods across the United States. As this growth continues, fostering positive police–immigrant relations is vital to creating partnerships central to community policing. Read More

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Dismounting Due to the Economy

The recent economy is proving to be a severe threat to police mounted units. As a result of budget cuts due to the global recession, numerous mounted units in cities around the United States were disbanded or downsized in the 2010s. Read More


Police Adviser Ann-Marie Orler speaking on the demand for more women police officers

Did You Know…?

That the United Nations is Empowering Women to Serve? Read More


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Director's Column

Director MelekianLast month the President presented his plan to better protect our communities and our children from gun violence. His broad vision was of a multi-faceted approach that would require background checks for all gun sales, with some common sense exceptions, reinstate and strengthen the prohibition on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, make sure our schools are kept safe, and increase access to mental health services. Read More

New from COPS

Executive Summary: Secure Our Schools Program Assessment
The COPS Office administered the school safety initiative known as Secure Our Schools (SOS) from 2002 through 2011. Read More

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