The Emerging Threat of Synthetic Drugs

synthetic marijuana

Public health and law enforcement agencies across the country are seeing the emergence of synthetic drug use, especially among young people. While the harms of these types of drugs are not yet fully understood, we need to join together to keep these substances out of the hands of our youth. Read More

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National DEC Webinar Confirms Bath Salts a Growing Problem

Bath salts and other synthetic drugs present a serious problem for law enforcement, medical personnel, and others who deal with the consequences of Read More...

COPS Staff Lashon Hilliard and Tawana Waugh with Rev. Curtis May

Racial Reconciliation: The Heart
of the Matter

Recently, the COPS Office hosted a roundtable bringing together prominent researchers, community leaders, and police chiefs from across the nation to discuss the concepts of “racial reconciliation” and “police legitimacy” within their communities.Read More

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COPS For Christmas

Community members often think of the police as those who dish out parking tickets and catch them speeding, but in one community where there had been an increase in juvenile delinquency, the police have been turning heads for a different reason. Read More


Did You Know…?

The word SHERIFF is from two English words: 1) scir – ancestor of the modern English ‘shire,’ which was a political subdivision similar to American counties; 2) gerefa – a term indicating a trusted representative of the local monarch, surviving as the historical term ‘reeve.’ Literally: a county official, whose duties included collecting royal taxes, holding the county court, and calling the men of the shire to the monarch’s banner in times of war. The term Sheriff was used for the first time officially in 1027 AD, during the reign of King Knut (1017–1035).


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Director's Column

Director MelekianIn a recent article from the Harvard Executive Session, Christopher Stone and Jeremy Travis wrote about the “new professionalism” and the need for what they called national coherence. Read More...

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New from COPS

Leadership for Public Safety: Professional Dimensions of Leadership in Law Enforcement provides strategies, best practices, and recommendations for public safety agencies seeking to develop or already engaged in interagency communications projects. Read More

Strategic Communication Practices: A Toolkit for Police Executives was developed to help police executives communicate more effectively with their communities and organizations. Read More

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