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National Community Policing Conference: Advancing Public Safety in a New Economy

On August 1st & 2nd the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services will host the National Community Policing Conference in Washington, D.C. We invite you to join us for this dynamic conference that will be led by members of the field and is intended to meet the practical needs of the field. Read More...

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The COPS Office Announces a New Online Resource for Private Security and
Police Partnerships

The COPS Office is pleased to announce that a new online training course, Team Up: Action Planner for Police–Security Partnerships, is now available for use by both law enforcement and private security managers. Read More...

image of Hopeland Reservation Police Badge

Creating a Sustainable Law Enforcement Department in Indian Country:  A Police Chief’s Perspective

Located in northern California, the Hopland Reservation Police Department has developed as one of the leading police agencies in Indian Country in the state. Read More...

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American Medicine Chest Challenge: Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs

A one day seizure of 10 tons of dangerous drugs would be deemed a successful bust by any law enforcement agency; however, November 13, 2010 marked a national raid of an unlikely source—the bathroom medicine cabinet! Read More...

photo montage of classroom, crime scene tape and police cruiser

National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention: Building Comprehensive City Plans to Approach Teen Violence

On September 24, 2009, the fatal beating of a 16-year-old Chicago high school student was captured on a cell phone video that was viewed across the nation. Read More...

image of Fayette County dispatcher

Emergency Management and Community Policing Strategies Work Hand-in-Hand

Fayette County is a suburban county south of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. It borders the states of Maryland and West Virginia, with neighboring counties of Somerset, Greene, Westmoreland, and Washington in Pennsylvania. Read More...

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Director MelekianPerhaps the most pressing question for the COPS Office, and other DOJ components, is what role the federal government should play in assisting local law enforcement in the years ahead. Read More...

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The Co-Implementation of Compstat and Community Policing: A National Assessment

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