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One on One With...Director Ron Davis

photo of Ron Davis

In November of 2013, Ronald L. Davis was appointed by the Attorney General to serve as the Director of the COPS Office. He comes to Washington, D.C., after serving for 20 years with the Oakland, California Police Department and eight years as the chief of the East Palo Alto, California Police Department.
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photo of Joy Repella and Lori Cooper

Spotlight on a Powerful Training Collaboration: Expanding Impact, Conserving Resources

When a prosecutor and a police officer joined forces for a statewide hate crimes training, they successfully shifted officers' mentality from “soldier” to “empathetic educator” and laid the groundwork for community partnerships engaging youth and diverse populations. Read More

photo of dec winners

National DEC Honors Collaborative Leadership

The COPS Office would like to congratulate the winners of the 2013 Collaborative Leadership Award presented at the 2013 National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Read More

photo of woman with barcode on her forehead

A Look at Human Trafficking and San Diego's Crime Initiative for Their Southwest Border:

For years the United States government has been “developing and implementing border security strategies to counter illegal cross-border activity.” Illegal activity across the U.S.–Mexican border remains a persistent and critical problem. Read More

photo of hand cuffs on a keyboard

How the Web Presents New Challenges for Law Enforcement Agencies

Today’s high-tech environment and “the deep web” present new, and arguably the most pressing challenges to law enforcement and the justice system as electronic crime is growing in substance and volume worldwide. Read More


Julius Caesar

Did You Know…?

The Babylonians New Year’s Day was March 23rd. March was a logical time period for the New Year because spring begins and crops are planted. Even the Romans celebrated the New Year on March 1st, not January 1st.

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